Riviera Šibenik – Between Zadar and Split

Sibenik - widok na katedrę Św. Jakuba

Šibenik –  a Royal City with a rich history, the central city of Šibenik-Knin region. The city lies on the bay to which affects river Krka. This bay was, and is a natural barrier for port security. Sibenik region was inhabited since long historic times, however, the first mention of a city located in the Code of King Kresimir IV is dated from 1066. The Code was found in a fortified castle church of St. Anna (formerly St. Michael) located in Šibenik.

Throughout its history the city was owned by many Empires and kings: Roman Empire, the Republic of Venice, King of Bosnia Stjeanov Tvrtko, Italy, Austria and France.

The most famous monument in Sibenik is the cathedral church of St. Jacob (Sveti Jakov) from fifteenth century. Cathedral is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. No less important are dominating the city, fortifications of St. Anna. In addition, the church dedicated to Saint Francis, the Church of the Holy Barbara or city hall building (built between 1532-1542)

And what besides monuments?
Most in Šibenik is one of the most attractive places in the world for bungee jumping.
Numerous restaurants and taverns serving homemade specialties (prosciutto ham, cheese, olives, lamb, seafood and wine).
Međunarodni dječji festival – festival for children,