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Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, its distinctive feature is the “common being naked and acceptance of your own body and others.”Unfortunately, naturism is often regarded as a form of deviance and did not meet with tolerance and understanding in some countries. Fortunately Croatia is not one of these countries .As part of nudism is common to being naked, regardless of age and sex of individuals. This is obviously a cursory statement and describes this part of naturism that is most visible. The concept of naturism is much wider and its true meaning is the health of body and mind and to calm down and unite with nature.It seems that at the core of naturism atavisms are inherited from our ancestors (they usually do not used the clothes), so being naked is for many people something very natural. Something in us coming from our ancestors makes being naked seems natural. Of course not everyone feels the same way hence the frequent lack of understanding for such a lifestyle.

Where is  naturism coming from

Organized naturism was established in Germany under the name Freikörperkultur what can be translated as (the culture of freedom of the body), hence the abbreviation FKK. If I am wrong with the translation, please correct me:). The first place for naturists was founded in 1903, Free-Light Park, the first club formed near Hamburg. Soon after this event appeared the publication of Heinrich Ungewitter’a Die Nacktheit (Nakedness), a utopia of life in the nude.

Naturist movement grew rapidly along with the vast network of clubs near large cities. Unfortunately in 1933 after Hitler came to his power, the activities of all organizations not associated with the National Socialist activity was banned. But the idea did not die and spread to other countries. Currently, naturists deportment operates in many countries around the world. Currently, this style is coming to the assumptions of vegetarianism. Its foundation is a non-alcohol drinking, no smoking, exercise gym and, of course, vegetarianism.
Naturism history in Croatia dates back to the thirties of the twentieth century, when the island of Rab was the first naturist beach. It was founded in 1936 during a stay of English King Edward VIII. During his stay in the island of Rab authorities allowed the King and his wife to bathe naked in the bay Kandarola. Since then, beach in the bay is called “Engleska plaza.” But it is certain that naturism on the island appeared much more earlier.

In an article published in the Austrian economic journal “Trend”. 11/83 says that the naturist beach in Rab was officially opened at the beginning of the twentieth century, the same article says that the first naturist beach in Rab was opened personally by Richard Ehrman, president of the International Naturist Federation from Vienna in 1934. About naturism on the island of Rab is also mentioned in the articles Josef Herman, in 1907 and professor Günther in 1912.

Croatia was the first European country in which arise open Commercial Naturist Centers for tourists, while in Europe naturism was promoted among club members only. The real expansion of naturism started in the 60’s of the twentieth century, the first naturist camps were created in Istria and Dalmatia. At that time their holidays in Croatia annually spent 100.000 naturists.

The oldest naturists center in Croatia is situated in Istria, named Koversada. At this time, passing just 50 years after its creation. There is a famous story that the first person who swam naked in near Koversada was Giacomo Casanova, but in reality it was Rudolf Halbig from Germany, a travel agency owner.

Besides Koversada there are other centers, for example: Valalta founded in 1968.

Today in Croatia there is a very developed tourist infrastructure for naturists. There are over 20 naturist centers which offer a total of 50.000 seats. 6000 seats in the suites, bungalows and hotels.

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