If you have seen the majority of Croatian cities, attractions and spending your vacation in Dalmatia, take a day trip to the city Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The town is situated on the Neretva River, is famous for its beautiful old town. In the center there is showcase of Mostar – old bridge over the River Neretva which was built by the Turks in 1566 on the orders of Suleiman the Magnificent. The bridge has a span of 28 meters and rises 20 meters above the river flowing beneath it. The construction of the bridge is still breathtaking, and a few centuries ago, the impression which caused travelers visiting Mostar had to be even greater.The famous traveler Evliya Celebi wrote in the seventeenth century: “the bridge is like a rainbow, rising to the sky by combining one cliff to another. …  Me, the humble servant of Allah, traveled thru 16 countries, but nowhere have I seen such a high bridge. Passed from rock to rock as high as heaven. ” Old buildings in Old Town is very different from what we can see on the Adriatic coast, you can see here the strong influence of Muslim culture.Recent history is very dramatic. During the fighting in 1992-1993, the city was severely damaged. Interested in history, I refer to the Wikipedia page where you can find more information about the fighting in Mostar.The city is a multiethnic, according to the census of 2003: 48% Croats, 47% Bosnians, Serbs 4%.There exist alongside Christianity and Islam.

Now, very important information for people with bad abolishing of heat.


Climate of Mostar is a mixture of temperate Mediterranean climate and warm. The Summer is really hot here. Location of Mostar in the valley and 100 km from the sea makes the temperature oscillating around 40 ° C. This temperature in Mostar is a norm and also there is no breeze from the sea. I checked it the hardest way, by my own. During our visit in the car thermometer showed 44 ° C