Riviera Omiš – middle Dalmatia

Omis - ujście Cetiny do Adriatyku

Omiš – a beautiful town situated in Dalmatia, on both sides of the river Cetina. It is near to Split. Town developed at the foot of the hill Omiska Dinara, and is cut off by the north-west of the river and the south and south-east – by the sea.

The city was inhabited by the Roman Empire era, later in the medieval period it was rebuilt and became a fortification. The inhabitants of Omis are erstwhile pirates plundered ships in the Adriatic Sea. Particularly they gave life a misery to the Venetians plundering their land and attacking ships. Although the entire Dalmatia belonged to Venice, the Omis pirates were defeated in the fifteenth century only. Earlier, by four hundred years Venice could not subdue the town to themselves. The medieval fortified buildings largely survived to our times, for example: Tower (Peovia or Mirabela), Starigrad (Fortica), mountain Dinara Omiska of which top was controlled the Sea and the whole city Fortress Mirabela.
Omis is a center for the region’s characteristic narrow streets, with numerous shady squares and cafeterias. Extremely interesting is the house used as lodging during the traditional Dalmatian folk festival (Festival dalmatinskih klapa), and the Renaissance “Home of the Happy Man,” so named because of the inscription on the facade: “I ​​thank God for my presence in this world.”