The Blitvenica lighthouse

Latarnie Bitvenica - foto: Jurica Gašpar

Latarnie Bitvenica – foto: Jurica Gašpar

The Blitvenica lighthouse was built in 1872 on the most distant island of the Sibenik Archipelago, Blitvenica Island. Three crews of lighthouse keepers once lived there with their families to operate the lights and guide boat traffic. Such crews are no
longer necessary, since all lighthouses are now automated, and are solar and wind-powered. Only the bigger lighthouses still need keepers for basic maintenance. Some lighthouses are now used for accommodation for adventurous tourists, but not on Blitvenica. Here, the beaches are too steep and the sea too harsh for such tourism.

Latarnia morska Blitvenica

Latarnia morska Blitvenica –